Kawah Putih, Bandung

So a friend of mine was heading back to his home country after a short assignment in Indonesia. This friend had spent around 6 months in Indonesia, but didn't get the chance to travel anywhere outside Jakarta. Two weeks before his flight, I decided to bring him to Bandung for a day trip and also visit Kawah Putih crater.

The drive to Kawah Putih itself took 6 hours for a merely 170 km distance. We hit traffic pretty bad once we reached Bandung while the highway was quite pleasant. Finally after reaching Kawah Putih, we made sure we had chucked enough fresh Strawberry juice and were ready for a stroll.

I just wanted to keep things simple so brought my Fuji X100 along. Based on some research of Kawah Putih, I decided to try the built in black and white filter of Fuji which actually was astonishing. There was hardly any editing required in these pictures, and the Fuji film simulation is superb :)

Rules & Regulations
Forest Sky
Kawah Putih 2 - Burnt Tree
Cantigi Forest
The Passage

Wifey goes STAR WARS

Read an article about negative spacing and thought of applying it on this generator + portrait combo.

Wifey goes STAR WARS
Sir Yes Sir!

Jakarta Car Free Day

I had been reading about several new techniques and settings related to the Canon & Fuji. Decided to finally go for some photo hunting myself. Reach Jakarta downtown around 4 AM and it was totally dark. Decided to do some night trails at Semangi intersection & panning shots of cyclists.

Jakarta light trails - Semangi Intersection (1)
Jakarta Semanggi Intersection - Night trails
Jakarta light trails - Semangi Intersection (2)
Another view of Southern Jl. Sudirman from Semanggi Interchange

Spooky Stairway - Trans Jakarta Busway
I was crossing Jl. Sudirman via TransJakarta Bridge. Went through this scene and found it pretty spooky.
By the time I reached the end, I think I heard somebody walking (invisible)

And below are some shots of people cycling. Jakarta car free day is quite a fun event actually, one would find people with costumes cycling. Definitely going there again for some photo opps :)

The Patriot
The Patriot
Jakarta Sunday car free day warden
Car free day traffic warden

Bed Time Story

My wife

Photo taken by S.M.Sharjeel
FinePix X100
Aperture f/4
Shutter 1/8
ISO 3200